Ben Sayers M8 Cart Bag Golf Package Set - Blue
Ben Sayers M8 Cart Bag Golf Package Set - Blue
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Ben Sayers M8 Cart Bag Golf Package Set - Blue

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    Ben Sayers have put together a configuration of clubs that will benefit your ability and work with you over the course of the next few years as you progress and get better.

    Included in the package set are the following golf clubs:
    • Driver (10.5°) - An oversized 460cc head shape made from a Titanium matrix will allow you to get the ball into the air easily with incredible forgiveness on off centre hits. 
    • Fairway (#3 & #5) - Two oversized fairway woods with extremely low centre of gravities will help increase head stability at impact and make it easier to get into the air making each club exceptionally versatile. 
    • Hybrid (23°) - This compact golf club will produce the accuracy of an iron with the ease of use of a fairway wood. The design of the hybrid will allow you to hit the ball confidently off the tee, the fairway and the rough.
    • Irons (5-SW) - The irons feature a stainless steel construction with perimeter weighting and a large cavity design. This combination will increase forgiveness, distance and control right through the bag. 
    • Putter - a classic mallet style putter head shape will help you consistently deliver the putter head back to square for incredible distance and accuracy control.