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PXG Bat Attack Gen 2 Golf Putter
PXG Bat Attack Gen 2 Golf Putter
PXG Bat Attack Gen 2 Golf Putter
PXG Bat Attack Gen 2 Golf Putter
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PXG Bat Attack Gen 2 Golf Putter

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    The PXG Bat Attack Golf Putter is a clean and modified mallet-style putter. The putter is face-balanced suiting golfers with no arc in their stroke, it a striaght back, straight through putting stroke. The Bat Attack putter features distinctive heel-toe wings designed to help golfers with their alignment and to improve consistency in their putting stroke.

    The PXG Bat Attack putter is constructed with a lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminium body, combined with heavy weighted heel-toe wings. The wings on the Bat Attack putter are designed to be exactly a golf ball width apart. This helps golfers with their alignment on putting and increases MOI, producing an extremely forgiving putter.

    The Bat Attack Putter is crafted with a stainless steel milled-insert face and PXG's ground-breaking TPE core technology. TPE provides an improved sound and feel for the Bat Attack Putter and a consistent ball roll across the entire putter face. The TPE insert allows mass to be distributed more efficiently, increasing MOI, helping golfers maintain their distance control, with mis-hit putts rolling the same distance as putts from the centre of the face by reducing the amount of twisting upon impact between the golf ball and the putter face.

    The PXG Bat Attack Putter delivers an incredible, unrivaled feel and an unbelievable, consistent performance across the face. Put the PXG putter into your golf bag this year and see how you can reduce your score on the golf course.