Ping G410 SFT Golf Driver (Std)
Ping G410 SFT Golf Driver (Std)
Ping G410 SFT Golf Driver (Std)
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Ping G410 SFT Golf Driver (Std)

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    The new Ping G410 Driver is the first Ping driver to feature moveable-weight technology, allowing every golfer to position the centre of gravity to control their ball flight. As well as now being able to customise your ball flight, trajectory tuning 2.0 allows you to change your loft and lie settings, with an interchangeable eight-setting, lightweight loft sleeve. All this adjustability in the new G410 driver will have every golfer finding the fairway more often with their tee shots.

    The new moveable-weight technology allows you to customise your driver for three different ball flights, a draw, neutral and a fade. An ultra-high-density tungsten back weight can be moved to three different positions to help achieve each desired ball flight, with the weight positioned towards the heel for a draw, likewise positioned towards the toe for a fade. The tungsten weight is positioned as far back on the driver as possible to increase MOI, helping increase ball speed and forgiveness. All this technology has been designed to help every golfer get as much accuracy and distance from their driver as possible.

    Whilst the latest moveable weight technology will help you find more fairways on the golf course, the new forged face, dragonfly technology, and streamlined head shape are what will have you hitting the ball past the other members of your four ball.

    The new fast forged face accelerates ball speeds, with the face being precision-machined forged before undergoing a heat-treatment process which creates a thinner impact area for maximum flexing on impact. This face is combined with Internal Dragonfly Technology which produces an ultra-thin crown to save weight and optimise CG. Finally, the latest G410 driver features a streamlined head shape which reduces drag in the downswing, allowing every golfer to increase their clubhead speed leading to more distance.

    The latest generation of Ping driver comes fitted with an Alta CB Red 55 shaft. This is the next generation of PING's proprietary counter-balanced shaft is lightweight and high-launching while offering more stability and a  consistent feel. An eight-gram counterweight in the grip end helps shift the CG higher, allowing for an increase in energy transfer and momentum, resulting in more ball speed and greater forgiveness.

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