Golf Club Custom Fitting Session

Golf Club Custom Fitting Session

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    What we will guarantee for you is that custom fit golf clubs will have a major influence on you and your game. Custom fit golf clubs will not solve all of the problems that you may have and that you will suddenly shoot ground-breaking numbers on the course. There are many other aspects that contribute to maximising the potential you have from a sound technique to a strong mental state and attitude. However what it does do is give you peace of mind knowing that whatever else happens the clubs you have are 100% right for you as an individual.

    Our aim is to change the perspective of every customer that walks into our shop and thinks about changing their clubs, confused about all of the options and opting for the ‘off the shelf’ average golfer easy way out. At Andrew Morris Golf our view is that no matter what your background and whether you are a beginner, experienced or you are an advanced player everyone needs to be fitted for their own needs and requirements.

    What your fitting includes:

    • PGA/Trackman Qualified Fitter
    • Bay rental
    • Golf Balls
    • Club data kept on file (for future purchase)

    When placing your order with Andrew Morris Golf, a non-refundable deposit is taken as custom clubs are bespoke to every individual.

    Fitting data is owned by Andrew Morris Golf and is not shared until after a purchase of custom fitted clubs. If your intention is only to acquire your fitting specifications to purchase elsewhere please select “Fitting Specifications Only” at a cost of £60 per hour from which we will share the fitting data.