Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls - White
Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls - White
Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls - White
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Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls - White

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  • Dexterity: Right Handed
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    Callaway's new Chrome Soft X is the complete modern tour ball, re-engineered from the core to cover to deliver maximum distance and ultimate control for elite players.

    The newly developed high-speed core is significantly larger than previous models for increased ball speed and drastic improvements in distance off the tee and in the long game.

    A completely redesigned mantle system is the next leap forward for Chrome Soft X. Dispensing with the need for the durable graphene material used in the 2018 ball, the soft inner mantle is encased in an innovative highly resilient firm outer mantle to provide the optimum blend of long game ball speeds and short game spin control.

    The cover of Chrome Soft X 20 is another game-changer. This new thinner more resilient urethane layer promotes increased ball speeds for much higher rates of spin with your wedges, allowing you to attack the flag from even the tightest of angles and lies.

    To give Chrome Soft 20's performance even more of an edge, an optimised Aero Design reduces drag for increased overall distance and piercing, workable and powerful trajectories that can cut through the strongest of winds much more effectively.

    Chrome Soft or Chrome Soft X? Chrome Soft is the ball for you if you want increased distance, high straight trajectories, incredibly soft feel, unmatched short game control and optimised aerodynamics. If its a lower more piercing flight, firmer feel and workable trajectories then give Chrome Soft X a try.

    Callaway Chrome Soft X 2020 Golf Ball Features:

    • Large SoftFast Core - High speed core design is significantly larger and works with the mantle system for increased ball speed and distance through the bag

    • New High-Speed Mantle System - New proprietary Ionomer blend creates more efficient energy transfer from the Core for faster ball speed while the stiff mantle allows for ideal spin on wedge shots.

    • Thinner Urethane Cover - Thinner, more resilient cover promotes increased ball speed, and generates lower spin on full shots while maintaining high spin and soft feel around the green.

    • New Optimized Aero Design - Reduces drag for increased overall distance, with a consistent, penetrating ball flight for optimum trajectory.