Cleveland UHX Golf Irons - Graphite
Cleveland UHX Golf Irons - Graphite
Cleveland UHX Golf Irons - Graphite
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Cleveland UHX Golf Irons - Graphite

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    Over the past decade or so, split set irons have seen a huge rise in popularity, with golfers looking for more game improvement features in the tricky long irons and more control from the easier to hit short irons. Whilst this has been a good solution for many there is always the question of where you split the set, and regardless of where that is done, there will always be a large change in aesthetics between the clubs. 

    With the arrival of the Cleveland Launcher UTX irons Cleveland have made a transitional set that looks to remove all these problems by creating the perfect blended set. In the long irons, where help is required the most the UTX irons have a hollow construction for maximum game improvement qualities and have been designed to produce exceptional distance and an easy launching high flight. The mid irons still retain the hollow body construction, but the size is reduced with each shorter club and begin to morph into more of a regular cavity backed iron. From the 8-iron to the wedge the clubs become normal cavity backed irons and are built more for control allowing the golfer to attack flags. 

    The transition in each stage of the set is seamless and each different club is just a slight variation from the next one up or down, meaning that the look of the clubs stays fairly constant when looking down on them at address. 

    Each iron is constructed with a high strength steel face and has allowed the thickness of each face to be varied to ensure maximum ball speeds even on off centre hits. Although the Cleveland Launcher UTX iron is considered a super game improvement club it is definitely crosses over into the standard game improvement category as well. The topline is not overly thick and the club isn’t overly chunky behind the ball, meaning that it is likely to appeal to golfers of a mid-handicap as well as high handicappers. 

    If you are golfer that is reasonably comfortable with short irons but really struggles with the longer irons then the Cleveland Launcher UTX iron is a superb transitional set would be an excellent choice for your game. 

    Cleveland UHX Golf Iron Features:

    • Transitional design, hollow construction in the long irons – regular cavity backed short irons 
    • Seamsless transition between the different styles of club 
    • High strength steel face produces exceptional ball speeds 
    • Midsize profile to appeal to a bigger cross section of golfers