At Andrew Morris Golf we pride ourselves on our ability to custom fit golfers of any ability. We are very passionate about the custom fitting process. Our team of fitting professionals have over 20 years of experience in custom fitting golf clubs and will find a golf club or clubs to improve your golfing performance. 

We have an extensive range of custom fitting components for all the major manufacturers giving a very wide range of options to select from. The great thing about this is that we don’t push any particular brands, just the one that works best for you and your game. 

What Is Static Club Fitting?

A static custom fitting is where we measure the height of the individual and also their wrist to floor measurement. We refer to a guide which suggests what length and lie angle your clubs should be. While this is a good method for establishing a starting point for a fitting, we seldom use this method unless our client has never played golf before. This type of fitting is popular online however at ANDREW MORRIS GOLF we specialise in DYNAMIC Custom Fitting.

Wrist To Floor Measurement